Saturday 27 June 2009

Thursday afternoon - velvet scoter

I squeezed a very quick visit in to Druridge on Thursday afternoon, between leaving work and going to see Blur at the Academy, I went through the scoter flock and there was a drake velvet right at the front of the flock - cool eh?

Oh, and good news from Roger Foster on the partridge nest front! He reckons all is well, the eggs have hatched naturally, he could see were the egg tooth had broken through and the mother would have moved them quickly out of the nest in search of insects. I'll keep an eye out for them.

119 velvet scoter


John Malloy said...

Velvet Scoter - alwats nice! How were Blur? I failed to get tickets this time round... I hear they're on top form at the mo

Ipin said...

Blur were fantastic, played all of the hits people wanted to hear with no bullshit - top draw!