Tuesday 23 June 2009

luvverly morning

I managed a quick visit to Druridge this morning, it was a gloriously sunny morning, a real pleasure to be out. There was one highlight, a long-eared owl on the edge of the patch. LEO's occur most summers somewhere on the bay, favouring the coniferous shelter belts, even nesting at the Country Park some years, amongst the picnickers and tourists.

Druridge - who needs tropical beaches?
Bloody Cranesbill

No opportunity to visit Druridge this evening as I had to work..... It's a tough life having work all day and put an evening shift in!

I had to take our Young Rangers group out to the Farne Islands, told you it was tough!
There was patchy sea mist on the way out, which came and went throughout the evening, which made for interesting light. Now if I had a fancy expensive camera, I am sure I could have done something arty, but I haven't so this is it:
118 long-eared owl


Warren Baker said...

Nowt wrong with those pics Ipin. Better than most of mine!!

Ipin said...

Thanks Warren!