Tuesday 9 June 2009

Barn owls and Bioblitz

No visits to Druridge tonight, instead I was on the Boulmer Birders new patch ringing barn owls with Phil and Hugh. I ringed three adults and we controlled two more, interestingly, two of the three that I ringed last year!

We also got three young jackdaws form barn owl boxes.

No piccies unfortunately, I did take the camera but forgot to take any pics.

This Friday and Saturday, I will be at he Bioblitz on Holy Island, read all about Bioblitz at http://birdneast.blogspot.com/2009/06/bioblitz-this-weekend.html

Why not come and join me, I will be sat on the Heugh for the best part of 24 hours, doing a big sit, so I'll need some company and someone to take my place when nature calls etc..

I'll be on the Heugh from 1pm Friday through til 8ish then from early Saturday morning though til 1pm.


Stewart said...

Barn Owls hunting out behind us Sat, Sun, Mon. None tonight. I wonder why? I hope they havent been frightened off or there might be words!

Warren Baker said...

Wouldn't mind joining you for the big sit. A bit too far for me to go though!