Monday 29 June 2009


How depressing is this? Sat in my office in Morpeth all day, watching the glorious sunshine out of the window, leave Morpeth after work, still a lovely summers day, get home and it's dull and overcast. Worse still, get to Druridge and it's thick fog and can't see a blimmin thing!

We only get four days of summer in North East England in an average year, but on the North Sea coast three of the four days are blighted by bloody sea frets.

So no seawatching (couldn't see the sea!), no waders (there might have been a spotted sandpiper on the far bank but I wouldn't be able to see it for the fog), nowt really..

Oh.......the mute swans have hatched five young...........happy days!

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Warren Baker said...

sounds like one of my days!!