Tuesday 27 October 2009


So, here's me, doing the ironing, glass of wine, bit of Eagles of Death Metal on the stereo..until about 10 minutes ago when a text comes through from RBA

"Probable Pallas's Warbler Druridge Pools in trees south of Budge Screen path at 1pm"

1pm FFS!!!!! 1pm when it was still light, 1pm when I could've nipped away from work to check it out, 1PM!!!!!!!!


How come it takes til 2015 to appear on the pager, don't these people realise I still need Pallas's for Druridge, I've only been predicting it as my next patch tick for the last two years.

The boss gets back from her hollibobs tomorrow so I've to get her from the airport in the morning, time to squeeze a quick visit to the patch in first though.

Though to be fair, 'probable' in RBA speak probably means it wasn't one anyway, probably a chiffchaff! Still it needs to be checked out.


Ghost of Stringer said...

Don't worry mate, it was probably a buzzard !....

Warren Baker said...

Get out first thing Ipin!

Ipin said...

Ni sign of Pallas's at Drurdige yesterday, no sign of any phyloscs. Maybe it had probably been a siskin, they are bright, stripy and geen looking and there were lots of them!...then again it could have been a buzzard!