Friday 10 April 2009

Bloody Good Friday

We took last night's NTBC speaker and all-round decent chap, Mark Grantham, birding for a couple of hours this morning. we could've gone anywhere in the County, but where else is better than Druridge?

We started at the Budge screen, the garganey pair and little egret were still there and a willow warbler was singing nearby, another year-tick. We had a walk through the wood and a quick look on the big pool, with nothing of note other than 14 oystercatchers getting a bit agitated.

We then walked along the haul-road to Chev and back, just as we were leaving the patch to the north, I spotted a male wheatear on the ground, outside the patch, luckily for me it flew south to perch on the patch boundary - get in!

Mark seemed to enjoy his visit to Druridge, on the way to the train station, we called at Lynemouth to look for the water pipit, MSK told us that it had flow off just before we arrived, whilst we were talking a nice 3rd cy iceland gull circled over the flash, before heading off towards the sea. A good end to the mornings birding, despite not seeing the water pipit.

76 willow warbler
77 wheatear

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