Thursday 23 April 2009


There's three avocets at Cresswell (I know cos I saw them) and there's been three at East Chev, why don't they drop into Druridge?

I did see the Mallard brood tonight, seven of them and one of the pairs of stonechat are feeding young.

Hopefully we'l l start ringing on Sunday


Crammy Birder said...

I was watching one of the Avocet at Cresswell this afternoon when two more appaered on the horizon over Bell's Farm probably after passing over Drurige.

ST said...

i took a picture of the brood, there was ten ducklings on monday.

Ipin said...

ST - there were a pair of mallard with two small young on the big pool tonight - I hope that's not the same brood!

Ghost of Stringer said...

2 avocets at Newton Pool last weekend that I didn't see !! Better to not have em than to have em and dip !!