Sunday 4 April 2010


How pleased am I that I got the call from Dave Elliott? The Great White egret only pitched into Druridge for an hour and half before flying south to Cresswell before heading back to Warkworth Lane ponds were Trevor first found it....Phew!

I've seen a few GWE's over the years in Northumberland, there seemed to be a run of annual occurrences in the SE of the county for a while, but, as far as I am aware that is a first ever for Druridge Pools, it certainly was for me.

Whilst admiring the new kid on the block, I managed to get some nice piccies of an old favourite - this singing (if you can call it singing!) male reed bunting

These displaying oystercatchers were amusing too, there were three of them, it would be great to see them breed, I am not sure they ever have at Druridge....

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Yellowbelly in Exile said...

Seeing your great picture of the Reed Bunting and your comment about it 'singing, reminded me of a RB many years ago at Gib Point NNR in Lincolnshire that 'sang' backwards.

Instead of chee chee chi chi it did chi chi chee chee. I have stopped to listen to many since, but have never heard another do this.