Saturday 3 April 2010

Great New Bird for the Patch

Stop Press News: New bird for the Druridge patch!

Great White Egret!

First found by Trevor Blake whilst out with his dogs at Warkworth Lane last night, then relocated to East Chevington NR this morning. I was just about to start painting and decorating when Davey Elliott called to say it had flown off south from Chev and may have dropped into Druridge....

Out the door in 30 seconds and on our way and thankfully it was on the Budge fields when we arrived, on the northern side at first before flying to the south near the shelterbelt.

It was quite happily feeding when we left. Quality patch tick!

Big thanks to Dave for the tip off

Patch list: 220

Year List: 96 great white egret


Stewart said...

Nice one Roppa!

Stewart J said...

Typical, whenever I'm away at sea quality birds turn up. WTE, Blackstarts everywhere and now GWE (which would have been a Northumberland tick), nice one.

James said...

Had a trip up from Yorkshire to see the white-tailed eagle (dipped) and Crane (seen) and read about this on birdguides when I got home. Gutted as only two minutes from Eshott. Ho hum (was visiting family). Missed the one at Dormans pool / Back saltholme too.

Blyth Birder said...

Aye, not a bad morning.

Warren Baker said...

Good one mate! Well deserved.