Monday 5 April 2010

Great White returns

Yesterday's great white egret was back on the Budge Fields this morning, feeding quite happily on newts and frogs.

I paid it a courteous 10 minutes look before heading off in search of black redstarts, surely with such an unprecedented spring influx, there must be one at Druridge somewhere? I checked all of the likely bits of habo with no joy...

The egret had attracted a few onlookers including this lot (who saw a peregrine stooping on a short-eared owl whilst I was off looking for black redstarts...typical!).

Roger Foster did spot a sand martin going over though, first one on the patch this year.

These two didn't bother twitching the egret, way too much like hard work.

I had a quick look on the sea, there were four or five shags on the flat-calm water, in full summer plumage including wavy crest thing going on, you don't often see them in full breeding plumage at Druridge, they are normally a wintering species. My first 'patch' eiders of the year were on the sea and there were at least 18 red-throated divers. A gang of canada geese heading south added that species to the year list.

97 sand martin
98 canada goose
99 eider


Ghost of Stringer said...

I'm with the lambs !...

better re-phrase that it sounds a bit pervy !

Stewart said...

Urgh thats a set of ugly buggers there :)

Warren Baker said...

bloody hedge munching vandals!