Wednesday 13 May 2009

Yellow wags

I saw my first yellow wags of the year at Druridge tonight, a pair of them on the mud in front of the little hide, these fantastic birds appear to be getting scarcer and scarcer.

Crappy record shot of a yellow wagtail

I went to Druridge looking for a bluethroat tonight, the Farnes had one today and there was one Holy Island. No such luck at Dru, bluethroat would be a full patch tick for me, though they are the Druridge list.

There was nothing much different about Druridge tonight than there was last night, even the flying man was back again. Dunlin now number 8 and ringed plover 5. A female greenland race wheatear was near the parking area. And to prove you can never have enough stonechat pics on one blog:

106 yellow wagtail

1 comment:

Stewart said...

You need rain son for a mainland Bluethroat. There'll be one up in the bushes...