Saturday 16 May 2009


guuarrgghhh, that's how I felt this morning, with tales of iccies and firecrests coming from Newbiggin and some nice easterlies and fog, I knew I should be at Dru. BUT, having gone to watch the cricket at Chester-le-Street yesterday that didn't happen, we decided to spend the the next 11 hours in the booozer, hence the guuarrggghhh!

Anyhoo, I managed to get an hour at Druridge before hitting the lager again before the match. I bashed the bushes, but found very little, garden warbler, a singing male, was the only year tick.

Had my hangover not prevailed and we had gone ringing, I am sure we might have turned up a rare or two

108 garden warbler

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Warren Baker said...

11 hours in the Boozer! Sounds like my younger wild days!