Thursday 17 June 2010

not a hoot

A late visit to Druridge tonight, just generally scanning about, but with the hope of an owl of any species...not one!

The regular barn owls aren't breeding at Druridge this year, last year, the male was seen with a broken leg, so that may have put an end to the regular pair.

The little owls have been seen just outside the patch on Druridge Lane regularly, but not inside the patch yet. A few people saw short-eared owl when the GW egret was here, I didn't and there has been recent reports of a long-eared owl on the bay. Tawny owls are rarer than rocky-horse shit on the patch.

So there you have it, nearly half way through the year and not an owl on the list!


Anonymous said...


I regularly see Barn Owls on the fields around the south pool at Chevington - which is only a mile or so as the (owl) flies from Druridge.

(The Yorkshire chap who can't tell smew from grebes!!)

Ipin said...

Aye Greg, I hear they are seen at chevington regularly, no sign at druridge though....