Thursday 17 June 2010

Long day

I did another territory mapping survey at Druridge this morning before work, nothing much to report, lots of birds feeding young including reed bunting, whitethroats and chaffinches and meadow pipits (below). Lots of fledged starlings, like 350+, flying about too. Then work all day......

Then, this evening, after work, went out ringing barn owls, we ringed four young at a box near Acklington Prison, then checked some more without success, so we went for fish'n'chips at Amble before heading back to Druridge at 8.3pm0 to strim the fronts of the hides.

They quickly get overgrown at this time of year and you could hardly see out of them, so an hour or so's back-breaking labour had them sorted.

A quick look on the sea produced a couple of great-crested grebes. Got home at 22.20......knackered!

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Warren Baker said...

don't worry Ipin, after monday the day length gets shorter, so you wont be able to get out so much :-)