Monday 21 June 2010

long day, little gull

Well, June 21st, solstice, it's all down hill from here, it'll be autumn before we know it and there rarities will be piling into Druridge........

Back to reality, a quick dodge to the patch tonight after work produced very little, the sea was so far out it was in Norway so no use looking at it.

On the big pool, yesterdays ruff had gone (though had been seen by Alan Gilbertson this afternoon) as had the great-crested grebe. A first summer little gull flew through, another welcome year tick and this grey heron kept us entertained feeding on sticklebacks in front of the hide. Another new brood (3) of gadwall were also on the big pool.

grey heron feeding on sticklebacks

MSK sent me a pic of the ruff - nice eh?
male ruff - image: Martin Kitching

127 little gull

12:15am - A report has just come onto RBA to say there was an unconfirmed BRIDLED TERN at East Chevington this lunchtime....

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Alan Gilbertson said...

Hi Iain.

Did you get the ruff photo I sent you? I've got two email addresses for you, one hotmail & the other tiscali and I don't know if I used the right one.