Sunday 20 June 2010

Lost bonxie

I spent this morning ringing at Gosforth Park, it was steady going and we caught some good birds.

This afternoon, just as we were about to set off to visit the outlaws, MSK sent me a text to say there was a bonxie on the main pools at Druridge, so a diversion had to made. The bonxie was sat on the island at the far end, a pretty sick-looking bird that didn't look as though it had long for this world. What the good Doctor didn't tell me about in his text was the fantasticly stunning male summer plumage ruff that was prancing about in front of the Oddie Hide.......guess who had left his camera at home, well we were only calling in on the way to the outlaws weren't we?

When Martin sends me a pic of the ruff I'll post it - stunning bird!

126 bonxie

PS - Bugger! Just read bird boulmer birders blog, missed WeBS count today...

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