Monday 31 August 2009

Rough as a badgers....

Just back from Leeds Festival and feeling as rough as badgers arse, 4 days of little sleep, camping in filth and drinking way to takes its toll, I sometimes wonder if i am getting too old for it all? Obviously not, cos tomorrow I am going to buy tickets for next years festival!

I eventually summoned up some energy to go to Druridge tonight, the sky was pitch black and it wasn't long before the heavy rain arrived, so not much birding done. There was four arctic skuas offshore and a handful of manxies.

There looks like there might be a localised low pressure system with rain over us by midweek which might be useful on the migrant front.....I'll be keeping an eye on UK wind map


Bryan Rains said...

Dude, the offshore stuff is bollox up to a fashion. People take it literally here and it doesn't work unless you do birds. We don't do birds - I'm sad. Jealous kicks in with SemiP I've considered the twitch but I've seen one - not in Northumberland though - BASTARD!

Warren Baker said...

handy weather page, i'll put that in my favourites!