Sunday 16 August 2009

Bird Free Zone

We went to Druridge this evening, once the wind had dropped and it was actually quite plesant, but there weren't many birds about, very, very quiet.

On the beach at dusk there were very large tern and gull roosts offuv E. Chevington involving about 2000 birds, mostly common gulls, there were another 1000 gulls, again mainly common and black-headed to the S between Druridge and Hemscotthill. There were also 50 or 60 terns off E Chevington. Sadly there were only a couple of hundred gulls in front tof us at Druridge, all common and BHG's.

There was also a colour ringed sanderling on the beach, from the dunes we could only see what appeared to be a large white ring, on closer inspection it was carrying four colour rings and a green flag - fully loaded!

The colour ringing website led me to the site for the sanderling project I have emailed the chap with the details, but he is up in Greenland at the moment so we won't find out for a bit the birds history - but when we do you can read it here first!

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