Tuesday 18 August 2009

Life history of a colour ringed sanderling

Remember the colour ringed sanderling I saw on Sunday ?

Well, I've just heard back from the man who ringed it, it was ringed at Sandergoi "first beach" in SW Iceland on 12th May this year, it was seen on several dates until 27th May at the same place. Jeroen reckons it would likely then have moved off to Greenland to breed and then I saw it on Sunday at Druridge - Amazin

Hopefully if it is seen again Jeroen will let me know.

I spent an hour before dusk going through the Druridge gull roost, there were about 1400 in total 65-70% common gull, 35-30% black-headed gull and one or two herring and lesser black-backs. There were at least that number again offuv Chibburn Mouth. There were also four arctic Skua in the bay (also present this morning, when two off them were sat on the beach for ages offuv Hemscotthill Links.

Had the moth trap out at home last night, I've decided I like the easy ones like vapourer and centre barred sallow? I also had either a grey or dark dagger - seemingly a dissection of the genitalia is required to separate them, I think I'll leave that to someone else!

I think I might be emailing some piccies to Tom Tams!

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