Sunday 9 August 2009

I only had time for one visit to Druridge this weekend and that was a quickie, mind you, there isn't an awful lot to see.

The six cows on the Budge fields can't munch quick enough so once again, herds of wilderbeast with cattle egrets at their feet could be on there and you wouldn't see them. NWT promised extra cows this week......I won't be holding my breath. NWT have been busy though, they've painted the outside of the Oddie Hide with green paint.

On the big pool, the Mute Swan younguns have been reduced from 5 to 3, maybe the otters have claimed the missing two?

So nowt on the Pools or fields, offshore wasn't much better, the highlight s were 140 common scoter, 1 red throated diver and a rosey!

There were a lot of butterflies about today, especially 'whites' as well as painted ladies and walls.

Sorry there no piccies tonight I have left my camera lead at work. Hopefully ringing tomorrow depending on the weather.

In the moth trap in the garden overnight we had a Lempke's Gold Spot.

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