Tuesday 22 April 2008


I wasn't go to go to Dru tonight, thought I'd do some gardenin and watch the footie, got in from the garden at 7.30 to see texts telling me there was a long-eared owl at dru, so guess what.........I was off!

A quick call to IF to confirm the details, last seen flushed from the path towards the woods. I couldn't decide on the best approach, so went to the little hide where you can see most of the patch, after a while of seeing nowt, I bumped into Dave Dack and we decided to have a walk through the woods, good plan! We flushed the bird between the path and the Budge screen, getting great views as it glided and hunted over the reed canary grass eventually heading for the middle willows were we left it. LEO's regularly breed on the bay, in the shelterbelts etc, but it's a while since I've had one on the patch. There was supposed to be a green sand about too, but I didn't see that.

No pics from Dru tonight, but took these in Scotch Gill Woods at lunchtime, also had kingfisher and dipper.

A carpet of wood anenome's

Peacock - one of three together. This is uncropped - I do like my new toy!

98 long-eared owl


abbey meadows said...

Great shots from the Gill. Nice to see a LEO. Its a few years since I had a one in that area. I saw two two years running at Chibburn farm and west of widdrington village.

Anonymous said...

You write very well.