Sunday 28 October 2007

Bashed the patch

Bright and sunny with strong westerlies - not ideal October birding weather, so I decided to give the patch a right good thrashing. Budge fields were desolate, just the cows not eating anything (more fantastic reserve management on the Bay from NWT). did the pool next, as I arrived this almighty fight broke out between two redshank, not kidding they were at it for at least 5 minutes.

The fight breaks out

Peace resumed

The Otters were about too and a few wigeon and gadwall and a greenshank. Sam joined me and we walked to the ruined preceptory at Chibburn, no birds of note here, 3 yellowhammers in the hedge along the track were nice though.

Chibburn Preceptory

Arty-type photo

At Scott's Farm, there were a handful of chaffies and a tree sparrow. We walked back along the road to the hamlet and back along the road to the cars, nowt of any note.

A quick look on the sea, 66 common scoter, 11 RTDs, 2 merganisers, and very late adult puffin. Then walked thro the dunes to the Druridge Bushes, a flock of 20 goldfinch was all of interest, no birds at the bushes but the white rabbits are still abundant.

Was at work (well if making damper and cooking sausages and jew's ear fungus on a campfire is work.....) yesterday, had a coastal raven at Glororum, I've seen raven north of Berwick on the coast but not down here...oh for one at Dru......Called in at the Boulmer Birders on the way home for a cup of tea and a craic. I can confirm the description of Bunty being a terrier x crocodile cross is pretty much bang on! She is a cutie though - when she's not biting!

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