Wednesday 15 August 2007

More Spooner Action

After a very wet start, the BBC forecast was right for a change, (put that Bladder Wrack away girl, there's no need!) dry by ten. Called in at DP on the way home from a nice walk between Seahouses and Belford (God, I hate my job). The spooners were still there, with yet more interaction, I am convinced these two are related, check out these pics!

A bit of change on the waders scene, 3 juv ruff, 1 juv spotshank and a black-tailed godwit...oh and a handful of snipe. Offshore there was a very smart drake velvet scoter, the first one i've seen in donks.

Is That me?

1 comment:

Katiedaze said...

Great pictures, Ive been following the Boulmer Birder for awhile,and picked up on your site from his namecheck.
we were at Duridge on Friday 5pm,ish. no sign of Spooneys,but loads of geese,swans and cormorants.