Thursday 23 August 2007


Happened to be working in the Belford area today, so when news of a greenish warbler on Holy Island came out I couldn't resist it - a new Britsih bird for me. It hadn't been seen since mid mornin (found by Stevie Rippon), I arrived late afternoon and headed down the straight lonnen, I saw a phlylosc almost immediately in a hawthorn then promptly lost it, after meeting ADMc, we walked back and he spotted a warbler in some elder opposite my hawthorn...BINGO....the greenish! It showed well, but briefly for 5 mins or so, in and out of bushes, then didn't call once. I had to go to by this stage, but it was in the bag......RESULT! It's amazin, when you see a bird, but not well enough to clinch it, then see the same bird again, you just knaaa it was the one!

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Ghost of Stringer said...

Good to see you are maintaining a healthy “works time” list…

New rule for your blog tho….. your not allowed to publish sightings of birds I didn't see, that way I won't get jealous !!