Thursday 28 January 2010

Ruff morning

No...not hangover for a change (though i did have a few pints at the match last night)..I saw a ruff, on the Budge fields this morning in a quick visit before work! Because we have had a reasonably dry week, the Budge fields have dried out a little leaving a muddy edge and as a result there were lots of waders there today, mostly redshank and curlew but also dunlin, oystercatcher, lapwing and a single ruff.

I put some more niger out for whatever is eating the stuff???? and was pleased to see a few tree sparrows at the man in the cottage's mammoth feeding station. I'll try to get a piccie of the feeders at the weekend, all brand new, I think he may have got them as Christmas Pressies, there was nowt on them on Sunday but there was a few birds today.

72 ruff
73 tree sparrow
74 house sparrow


Steve Lowe said...

Lets hope them ruff remember the area when it comes to spring

Warren Baker said...

Man in the cottage is getting ready for the RSPB big garden bird watch!

Ipin said...

Steve, if the pools look as good as they do now we'll have a chance

Warren, I think he might be, I might have to give him my mobile numbe rin case owt tasty turns up!

Science at Coates said...

The mammoth feeding station isn't new but there are some new additions. The man is a friend and colleague of mine. DE Chev

Ipin said...

Dave, two things...

Ask your pal to phone you if he sees anything unusual, then phone me!

Also, ask him if he wants to sell his house?