Tuesday 26 January 2010

Evasive pintail

A quick, pre-work visit to Druridge this morning hoping to catch up with the weekends drake pintail on the Budge fields. Despite a good scan through the ducks there was no sign of it....at half past nine.

I got a text this afternoon saying it had been seen at 10am GRRRR!

I did get some reward though, at the weekend we had a flock of small birds lift out of the small copse at High Chibburn Farm, they didn't call and flew off as silhouetted specks. Driving towards the farm this morning, a flock of small birds lifted from the hedge and flew into the same copse, they were all yellowhammers. I counted at least 28, though more could have been obscured, an excellent count for the patch at anytime, but given the recent weather it was particularly nice to see them.

Ian Fisher sent me this from YouTube, I wonder if the MCGA or Coonty Cooncil will try this technique at Beadnell - I hope they have more success than these yanks!

71 yellowhammer

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Warren Baker said...

Typical Americans! Funny though.

Well done with the Yellowhammers