Tuesday 10 June 2008

Ringing....but not at Dru

I haven't had the chance to get down to Dru much lately, been ringing birds elsewhere. Saturday, I was down in the North Tyne Valley with John ringing tits in nestboxes. I thought I had been to most of Northumberland, but Sidwood and Comb were new one's to me. A really enjoyable afternoon apart from the midges.

Tonight I have been out with the Hanmer's, ringing barn owls. We caught four adults, but no pulli. I did get to ring some jackdaw pulli though. I've not really done much ringing of larger birds so this was good experience, hopefully will be able to go out again. Phil was saying that the barn owls are nesting very late this year, some aren't even on eggs yet.

Hopefully will get down to Dru tomorrow after work.............

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