Tuesday 3 June 2008

High Speed Twitch

At my desk this lunchtime, pondering whether to eat my prawn sandwich or wait til 1230 when the mobile goes, it's the Boulmer Birder - panicked (a regular occurrence - so nothing to be concerned about I thought...) Lesser grey Shrike at the Nanny, first in twenty years - you wanna see this 'un...tell the Coonty Haall mob....

So all thoughts of lunch abandoned, Tom was on his way to County Hell, which was lucky cos I still have no windscreen wipers, Mike Carr couldn't wait and was off, no sign of Biggsy. It was 1210 and Tom and I had to be back at CH for a 2 o'clock meeting - it was going to be VERY tight, but we had to go for it! A quick zoom up the A1, catching an anxious Mike Carr at Rennington and off to Link House Car Park (several birders, including BB, scrabbling for coins for the car park machine). TAC and I legged it along the dunes, Newton Stringer (who found the bird) had a scope on it when we arrived, a quick look (but good views) - bird ticked, a quick banter and we were off, back to Morpeth, making it to County Hell for 1357 (few....)

Congratulations to Newton Stringer for finding such a cracking bird and thanks to SS for the call and TAC for driving. Second British tick in three days - off to Dru first thing tomorrow to see if owts dropped in there.

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