Thursday 19 May 2011

Fresh Meat

At last some fresh meat at Druridge.

Four new cows have arrived on the Budge Fields, just in the nick of time. They have joined the ponies who haven't left for East Chev yet, so between them they should make an impact, but there's plenty to go at and they'll need to be joined by more of their friends in July.

Keep on grazing, there's plenty to go at
I did an evening territory mapping visit tonight, only because I am too busy to get a morning visit in.

It was funny seeing red-legged partridges at High Chibburn Farm, a year tick, but already dull after the excitement of last years 'Patch ticks'. Lots of birds were carrying food, I wish I had more time to spend to watching them and do some more nest finding.

Offshore a single roseate tern was year-tick, a nice close bird too. One the beach were 3 dunlin and 6 sanderling, all in stunning summer plumage. We were watching sanderling and dunlin last week in Spain so there is still more to come!

120 red-legged partridge
121 roseate tern

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Warren Baker said...

Exactly the opposite here Ipin, bloody hundreds of sheep chomping away at anything that grows, the place is like a dust bowl !