Tuesday 31 May 2011

Quite quiet

Not much doing at Druridge this evening.

The spoonbills have gone, but I have found out about the colour ringed bird thanks to sleuth work by Mike Hodgson. Have a look at the NTBC website for piccies and details http://www.ntbc.org.uk/2011%20spoonbill.html

I had a look from the dunes to see if there was any sort of gull and tern roost on the shore, only a handful of sarnies and some big gulls. There are still two red-throated divers in breeding plumage loitering offshore and a single manx shearwater heading north was a year tick.

A yellow wagtail was out in front of the Oddie hide (just visible through the grass - NWT have strimmed in front of two hides but not the third?) but a dead camera battery means no photo's.

125 manx shearwater

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