Wednesday 18 May 2011

Woodchat Shrike

Woodchat Shrike

A woodchat shrike!

Not at Druridge sadly. This explains the lack of blogging over the last week or so, I've given Druridge a dodge in favour of Spain. At appears that nothing monstrously rare had turned up whilst I've been away, my mobile has broken so wouldn't have got any text messages in any case.

I was back on the patch briefly on Sunday morning for the WeBS count, a few new brood of mallards and coot and a lapwing chick were pottering around after their parents. We didn't have any 'D' rings with us so the lapwing went un-ringed.

Should be back on the patch tomorrow evening all being well.


Warren Baker said...

One of those WC Shrikes at Sandwich bay Ipin :-)

Stewart said...

Fck a Dck! I nearly passed a kidney stone when I saw that pic on my side bar!!!!I was on my way sooth.

abbey meadows said...

You know how to get everyone's attention. I thought shit I was at Widdrigton today and I was going to go to Druridge to look for Spring Vetch but ran out of time. We could do with a one though.

Ipin said...

Sorry chaps, shouldn't do that to you at your ages! I spoke too soon too, something did turn up - a white-winged black tern...hadn't realised it had dropped in at Druridge :-((