Sunday 16 May 2010

WeBS count produces second egret species

Today was WeBS count day and one of the first birds to be counted was a little egret, unlikely as it sounds, this was the second egret species of the year after March's great white.

The weather was mixture of sun and showers, feeling very wintery at times, the wind didn't know what it wanted to do, changing direction at least three times in two hours.

The first mallard duckings were on the Budge fields, a brood of three and a brood of seven and the first lapwing chicks, which were only a day or two old, were out. We might try and ring them on Wednesday night.

The weather was wintery at times and so was the birding.... a drake wigeon dropped in and there was a pink-footed goose on the Budge fields too.

I'm off to the Cheviot's tomorrow to a couple of atlas tetrads.

117 little egret
118 swift

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