Sunday 9 May 2010

Another busy week

Yet another busy week, 5 am is becoming the norm......

This week I've been out ringing tawny owls, on Saturday morning I did the fifth CBC survey at Druridge, to be honest it was too windy, a strong force 5-6 NE wind, so a lot of singing birds will have gone unheard...

Easy to find though were nesting greylags

greylag goose nest with two eggs

and there were lots of these
male chaffinch at High Chibburn Farm

and these were in flower

Cuckoo flower or ladies smock

There wasn't much else of note.

Today I went to Gosforth Park, ringing with the NHS ringing group. It's good at Gosforth and I am learning lots about ageing and sexing birds, we caught c50 birds including two groppers.

The moth trap in the garden has been quiet, we did catch a streamer last night which is a stunning moth, hopefully there will be piccies tomorrow.

Also at home, the swifts have arrived back in the street, as I was seiving my compost this evening three of them went screeeeeeeming down the street - summer is defo here.. oh, maybe not..... it's forecast for frost tomorrow night!


Warren Baker said...

Hoping to do some ringing come june, I help out my local ringer, as you say there's a lot to learn about sexing and aging :-)

Science at Coates said...

AAAh Breakfast!