Thursday 20 May 2010

Summer is here

Well, today felt like a proper summers day and that can only mean one thing at Druridge - plebs! I reckon they must hibernate during the winter in Ashington or Newbiggin, emerging in the spring and migrating in knackered old corsas with exhausts as big as the car, to Druridge, to wilfully destruct the place until September when they return to the wintering grounds, favouring the warmth of dodgy boozers that sell cheap ale at 9am.

They are quite like the bowerbirds of Australia that adorn their nests with colourful items they find, the plebs at Druridge scatter cider bottles and empty lager cans around the site in a similar fashion. There's nothing like seeing that first flash of metallic iridescent blue and gold as you spot your first 'Fosters Lager' can of the year, glinting in the sunshine!

Anyhow, I got down to Druridge early, even before the dog walkers this morning, for a couple of hours pleasant birding before work. The highlight of the morning was a wood sandpiper on the Budge fields, a dunlin and couple of redshank were also noteworthy as was the first lapwing chick of the year. The pink-footed goose was still hanging around and there were still on or two wheatears on the dunes.

female whatear
The 'Douglas Island' list leapt to three this morning with these tufted duck and lapwing, unless anyone else knows different?
lapwing and tufties on Douglas Island
I was back down at Druridge late on tonight, stashing the bamboo poles ready for ringing on Saturday, weather permitting, though it does look good!

There was a whooper swan on the Budge fields - odd! Maybe it should hook up with the pink-footed goose and head off north?

tonight there was dead tawny owl on the A1

119 wood sandpiper
120 blackcap

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