Sunday 27 December 2009

Will I get another year tick?

Will there be another a tick for me at Durirdge this year, time is running out.....

A nice walk around the patch with the family on Christmas Day didn't produce one, as I bored them with tales of patchwatching and refusing to let them walk north or south of the patch boundary....

Sister and Brother-in-law down the dune - Not allowed beyond this point, the northern patch boundary!

Our walk did produce a great-spotted woodpecker which are very rare in the winter at dru, always an autumn passage bird, there were a few more thrushes about so maybe it arrived as part of a cold weather influx?

Today I fed the corvids twite food again, then froze my arse off looking at the sea, five red-breasted mergansers (all drakes), nine shag and two red-throated divers...that was it, before the rain came from the north and I retreated home, for hot soup.

So, what chance of a year tick now...slim methinks, probably got two more chances at it, I'm currently on 152, I got 158 last year, which I considered a poor year.

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Warren Baker said...

There's always a chance Ipin. Just get out there!