Tuesday 18 November 2008

A good weekend

Well I had a great weekend at the Scottish Ringers conference in Breamar, tho I am now ill, not the winter vomiting bug the hotel was infected with or the drink, but some evil bug (not helped by getting a soaking at work yesterday).

Scottish ringers is certainly a friendly do, more so than the English version I'm told, I've always found the Scot's to be very friendly generally. The organisation and line up of speakers was excellent and set in a very scenic place and I also managed to catch up with a few old friends

Our team won the quiz, mostly due to Ian Fisher and his encyclopedic (anal?) knowledge of birds - we even let him keep the prize (well, most of it).
Ian, hanging on to his prize, before the rest of it disappears

Here are some of the other Northumberland contingent:
Hugh Hanmer
Martin Davidson with his feet up...

Keith 'two-pints'Brookes
Martin trying to get quiz answers from Jaqcui (BTO)

I called at Dru on Monday to put some twite food down (inspired by Dave Sowter's talk at the NTBC on Thursday night). No twite yet, but still 50+ goldfinch with a few more greenies, chaffinch and a reed bunt. Look like snow is forecast for Friday and Saturday, might be an opportunity to bring the twite in?

Some of the goldfinch flock
My mate Dave has a new CD out, check out his MySpace site: http://www.myspace.com/wingandaprayer373

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abbey meadows said...

Did Alan take his pipe and slippers? Sounds like you had a good time, was there any sign of Mr. Brockie as he used to be a feature of conferences a few years back.