Monday 1 September 2008


SSW 3 Sunny 16 deg C cooling to 12 deg C 1800-1930

Tonight I checked the sea where there were 10+ RTD's mostly in something resembling summer plumage and not much else of note. Inland there were 65 lapwings on the silage fields, I know cos I counted them and felt rightly chuffed cos when they were flying I guessed 65....not very often I'm right!

Nowt on the fields or big pool, well saying that, a heard of zebra and some giraffe may well have been on the fields but the grass is so high you wouldn't see them...oh no, I feel another rant to NWT coming on...I'm off to take the medicine. Enjoy the mute swan pics.

Oh and as I left I noticed the HRF have multiplied with another caravan appearing today, they had three full pick-up loads of hedge tree clippings parked up, no doubt off to a fully licenced waste disposal site tomorrow morning where the HRF will pay the tipping fees gladly, rather then dumping them in the nearest lay by or at the end of the road.....

And another thing, check out this weather site looks like strong north easterlies on Saturday, might be some seawatching on the cards?

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