Saturday 24 May 2008

Reedbed Ringing

I spent this morning at East Chev, ringing in the reedbed with Ian Fisher. The first chore was to strim the net rides with the help of my neighbours big Stihl brushcutter, an end to Dave Elliott's peaceful morning! We caught about 14 birds, which is good for the first session of the year, all sedge warblers except for two reed warblers, I really enjoy ringing in the reedbeds, hopefully this summer will be a wee bit drier than last!

When we were packing up, we bumped into Biggsy and Lorraine who had tales of greenshank at Dru, so the gardening was on hold for a bit. As advised, the greenshank was on the Budge fields, but not for long, it flew of north shortly after I arrived. The garganey pair were still there, other than that, nothing else to report.

114 greenshank

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