Wednesday 21 May 2008

back to reality..druridge this morning

Back home and back to Dru this morning to the WeBS count and....not one, not even three, but FOUR garganey on the Budge fields, a duck and three drakes, the third drake, which was in front of the little hide, wasn't in as good nick as the others, looking like it was going into eclipse, but it is way too early for that, maybe it was first year drake? Any thoughts?

Other than the gang of four, the first lapwing chicks were pottering about, I counted two broods of two. there were plenty of snipe displaying and a single displaying redshank.

Got some ringing feedback from Janet from the weekend:

A willow warbler was caught which was originally ringed in May 04 as an adult male and which was re-trapped in Jun 05 and Jun 06, meaning this tiny Bird has been to Africa and back at least 5 times! Two sedgies were caught which had been ringed in 2006.

Three year ticks from before China were:

110 cuckoo
111 grasshopper warbler
112 puffin

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Mattzappa said...

I was there Tuesday evening to see my first Garganey and the drakes were chasing the female round for a long time and having a right scrap between themselves.