Friday 23 May 2008

More China....The Crew

Our expert guide - Jesper

Rutter the bogeyman


Boulmer Birder " I used to be a ringer..."

Mr Biggs....Trip Leader

Aww Man... Turm

Rob Hopson...yorkshireman

Richard Dunn...trip photographer

and finally me....with me rubythroat


abbey meadows said...

Cheer up ipin, I would be grinnin like a cheshire cat if I had that in my hands!

Ghost of Stringer said...

Smile its a spunkdrainer !!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one Iain,

Happy Island is cracking.

How are you doing?


PS Is tht one of yours from Khao Yai Gary?

Ipin said...

Hi Micky, long time, no hear!
Drop me an email at - let me know how your doin etc! China was was the wall!!