Monday 31 December 2007

Last visit of 2007

Went to Dru this morning for the last visit of the year, not sure when I'll be back, I don't do birding on New years Day...for obvious reasons!

It was cold, damp and miserable with very little to report, the wigeon numbers have picked up to 134 and there are few more snipe about. The big pool was very quiet, offshore, there was still a slav grebe and a couple of red-throated divers. I went to look for the little owl on the lane but there was no sign of it, I still haven't seen them since they returned in November. There was a nice group of 12 redwing by Scott's farm and a mixed flock of tits and finches.

I've had two patch-ticks in 07, red-breasted flycatcher, which was caught and ringed by Janet, and a sabines gull - but still no red kite!

Am lookin forward to 2008 at the pools, getting some more ringing done and finding a mega....and I will try to keep a patch year list this year....

My biggest hope for 2008 is that NWT will sort out the management of the site, especially the grazing of the budge fields. It has been totally neglected for 6 years now and it shows, I have a site meeting in the new year with the Chief Exec at the Trust so hopefully we can move things on..

Happy new Year to everyone who reads this drivel and good birding for 2008!


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