Wednesday 19 December 2007

hectic week

I finally managed to get down to the pools on sunday to do my Webs, god it was grim, freezin cold, a proper lazy wind and very few birds. The Budge fields were totally frozed, highlights were 6 whoopers in the adjacent field and 3 goldeneye. I looked for king eider on the sea, but it was so cold, it froze my eyelids shut so I gave up.


Grim - look at the depth of the grass, what self-respecting wader is going to breed here?

On a positive front, NWT have sprung into action - no more cows unfortunately, so breeding waders again next year, but they have removed the roof offuv the little hide and strimmed some of the banks of the bund (first time in a few years - and they didn't do them all, but hey, it's some progress)


Still it was better than my other WeBS site, Ellington Pond, which was 98% frozen and 6 teal and 5 moorhen!

It's been a hectic week on the social front, hence Sundays stuff today, went to see the Widlhearts supported by the mighty Wolfsbane last night - Fantastic! Office parties and other xmas (just to annoy BB) hilarity to follow.

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Stewart said...

I can feel the wind whistling around that hide. it'll be a while before 'george' and his mates use that again...