Sunday 22 April 2012

Sunday afternoon

I had high hopes of a patch-tick this afternoon.

After spending this morning sorting out mist-net rides at Lynemouth sewage works, I headed up to Bamburgh to help move some unused barn owl boxes. Just behind Bamburgh village we found a ring ouzel, a nice find, it's ages since I've seen a coastal ring ouzel.

As well as this one at Bamburgh, there has been a few coastal records reported on RBA, enough to spur me on to go and find myself a Druridge ring ouzel - which would be a patch-first for me.

My positive thinking soon dwindled as I scoured likely habitat on the patch without any luck...maybe I should have checked around the hamlet........ or the Druridge bushes.....or.....

So no patch-tick, but a couple of welcome year-birds, at least three singing willow warblers and a little egret on the Budge fields. The short-eared owl that's been around for months is still on the patch.

Short-eared owl

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abbey meadows said...

In the 80's I used to come across Ring Ouzel beside the preceptory, I've also seen them at Warkworth lane so maybe they are lurking 2 0r 3 fields inland.