Monday 2 April 2012


A rare thing these days, two visits to Druridge over the weekend. Friday evening was my first post-work birding of the year.

It's still quiet on the migrant front, two sandwich terns were in the Bay on Friday evening and a single swallow moved north on Saturday, quite early for Druridge. I don't think I have ever recorded swallow before sand martin before - where are the sand martins?

No garganey yet, but the pair of pintail are still loitering on the Budge fields. At least two pairs of stonechat have taken up residence in the dunes. It's difficult to keep track of territories at the moment, I think I've got two singing males and there appears to be a sub-adult male with one of the pairs.

Snow is forecast for tomorrow which might give that early swallow a bit of a shock. Hopefully I'll get a morning visit in at the patch before Easter weekend.

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