Monday 11 April 2011


I got lots of messages about garganey's at Druridge yesterday whilst I was cooped up in the back of a van for eight hours, with only 90 minutes of some mind-numbingly dull football breaking it up.

I went to look for them tonight after work, after a good grilling of the Budge fields I concluded that they'd gone. Two bonuses were a willow warbler singing and gropper reeling at the north end, just before dusk. A little influx of sanderling on the shore included a colour ringed bird, probably from greenland. Three pintail are still present and about 13 shoveler are still on the Budge fields.

There was no lapwing activity at all tonight, it was quite windy earlier on but I fear that they might not breed this year at sad...

96 willow warbler
97 grasshopper warbler


Steve Lowe said...

There were a number of lapwing pairs on Saturday that appeared to be spaced to suggest at least two territories.

Ipin said...

That's good news Steve, it was v.windy earlier and sparrowhawk hunting over the rushes in the south field wouldn't of helped matters. Am doing CBC visit on Wednesday so will have better idea of numbers then.

Warren Baker said...

Unlucky with the Gargany Ipin, you'll get them soon enough I suspect :-)