Sunday 7 November 2010

Another Stonechat Picture

Yet another picture of a stonechat at Druridge...

Another stonechat at Druridge

I know, I always have photo's of stonechats but they are nice and they do ask to be photographed. And today, there was precious little else to take photographs of.

Druridge was just about devoid of any for of life other lots of people taking advantage of crisp sunny autumn day. despite a chilling NW wind, it was rather pleasant and a stroll on the beach in the sun, sheltered by the dunes, it was actually quite warm.

The wind is going to turn though, with strong easterlies and rain forecast for the next couple of days. It is getting a bit late for a big fall, but we might get a mega rare, hopefully at Druridge. I would be happy with a brown shrike.

Druridge hamlet in the autumn sunshine


Birding about Northumberland said...

I was at Druridge yesterday and a pair of Shovelers were at the Budge Fields, probably not rare but nice all the same

Ghost of Stringer said...

.... or pine grosbeak !

Warren Baker said...

Cant go wrong with a Stonechat Ipin :-) Good luck on that 'rare' turning up.

Ipin said...

A pair of shovelers - would've been birds of the day!

Pine he would be nice!