Friday 26 November 2010

Service - Second to none

WOW - I am so impressed!

In this age of internet shopping and especially my recent dealings with courier firms, I thought the days of good, even bog-standard, customer service were over.

They're not, not if you buy from Swarovski.

A week or two ago, I caught my Swarovski's on the boot of the car, breaking the little plastic clip on the strap, not a disaster, but not good.

On Wednesday, I emailed Swaovski to ask for a new clip, I thought the strap was looking a bit shoddy (they are 10+ years old and have been most of the way around the world), but thought it cheeky to ask for a strap.

So today, while I was snowed in, the Postie arrived with a package from Swarovski, not just a clip but a whole new strap, in less than 48 hours since emailing them.....Amazing!

My Bins have been back to Austria twice, once my fault, once a design fault, both times they sent me another pair to use whilst mine were away.

I've not been to Druridge today, there was 6-8" of snow overnight and I thought it was unlikely the road to Druridge would have been treated. Should get down tomorrow, but as I write this the snow is beginning to fall again.

These pics were taken from our ringing site at Ellington


Ghost of Stringer said...

Everyone I know who has dealt with swarovski has said they are excellent !! So much better than Leica, I've had nothing but bother with them over the years.

Next time I get new bins/scope I will defo not be buying leicas.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Ipin,
Nice to hear about some good sevice, might need some bins of my own soon. Ive got a pair of Nikon 10x50. I know they are not out my hands for more than a coule of hours, but they are of a poor build quality. The rubber armouring has disintigrated, the rubber eye cups have fallen off, as has the rubber cover for the focus wheel, which has become stiff, and has developed an annoying amount of play. Good optically though :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Pleased to hear that about Swazzas must get the niggles fixed on mine.

PS Send some snow sadly lacking here!