Tuesday 31 August 2010

Frustrating Morning

Got up at five-thirty am to ring four birds (2 robins, 1 dunnock and a blackcap)

Had a phylosc calling like a greenish, saw its head and mantle (which looked good) above the canopy before it did off, never to be seen again.

Had a very pale, well marked buzzard over the dunes, no camera, not sure.......probably just a pale, well marked common buzzzard...it's too late for HB's now anyhoo.....isn't it?

I might take up golf........I'd probably be shit at that too!

one plus point was a fly-over calling greenshank

140 greenshank


Warren Baker said...

Ive had a few birds get away from me Ipin, your right its flippn frustrating !

christmaslights said...

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