Wednesday 1 September 2010

Looking out to Sea

Looking out to sea at Druridge tonight, a fresh easterly blowing, nothing was moving.

But, there were loafing birds in the bay and the highlight was watching four arctic skuas in pursuit of a single sandwich tern, needless to say the harried creature dropped whatever it was carrying for the parasites to claim. The funniest part was, after this excellent teamwork, the first skua to the prize was then chased by two of its former team-mates who wanted the fish!

There were at least six arctic skuas hanging about in the bay, other highlights were:

49 red-throated divers!
1 great-northern diver
9 red-breasted merganser
62 common scoter
28 sanderling one the beach
and two harbour porpoise.

It's about time for another surf scoter at Druridge I reckon!

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