Saturday 7 August 2010


Showers dominated this morning, so all of the outdoors chores like concreting and weeding were on hold, as was any chance of ringing. So instead we went to Belsay Hall for Extraordinary Measures   - my culture fix for the year!

We got down to Druridge for a bit when it cleared up - bugger all on the fields, the 14 cows were chomping away, 114 cows might have an impact.

Not much on the big pool either, two common sands were of note and a great-crested grebe, isn't it getting on for spotted crake time?

An hours seawatch produced (highlights):

3 arctic skua
8 red-throated diver
1 slavonian grebe (a moulting adult ('ears' still visible) swimming slowly north)
1 med gull on the beach
1 roseate tern

No sign of the black-throated diver reported on RBA

132 slavonian grebe


The Liverbirder said...

'Twas I who saw the BTD yesterday at about 2.30pm. I was scoping back and forth between divers and skuas and had clear but brief views of it. Despite a thorough search, after a few minutes it was gone, I suspect a combination of it diving, a slight swell and a windy position and so a little 'scope tremble' di not help. I am 100% certain it was a BTD.

Ipin said...

Hi Liverbirder...I wasn't doubting ID, just saying I didn't see it...

There's been up to tow hanging around for a week or two so no doubt that's what you saw!